CD released: Apr 26, 2019

1. 1 2
2. Human
3. Come Running
4. Move
5. Gold
6. Injoy
7. Slo Fuzz
8. Loves Boy
9. Farewell Your Heart
10. Answer To The Name Of
11. Wonderland
12. Enter One
Cat No: CDGRON30
Barcode: 5024545377422
Packaging: CD Regular

A love of music can take you to interesting places. Many moons ago (2006) I was obsessed with a
song by Merz called ' Postcard From A Dark Star '. Its unfathomable isolation resonated with me,
so I was thrilled when I found out that Merz was playing in London. I arrived early to catch the
support act - Groenland Records labelmate Sol Seppy - with no expectations.
As it turned out, Seppy's set was nothing short of spellbinding. She performed with a fragile
emotional honesty that was so intimate there was no hiding from it. I was transfixed. As Seppy
and her band reached 'Enter One' and she sang "as we float from the shore into the light, into
the unknown, like thousands of lanterns glowing with grace, in glorious silence descending
through space." it was as if the ceiling of the venue was transformed, Hogwarts style, into an
endless night sky, scattered with thousands of floating lanterns, all finding their way towards a
distant horizon. I bought her new CD The Bells Of 1 2 straight after the set, and spent the rest of
the evening trying to process what just happened. This was a visitation from a bright star.
The Bells Of 1 2 is a gentle masterpiece. The album feels like a heartfelt gift from someone who
has embarked on a spiritual path, and the simple truths captured in her songs are a direct
communication of the journey. It remains one of my favourite albums. Although her label at the
time later released some scattered demos and recordings, it was clear this was just repackaging
her back catalogue. It seemed like the real Sol Seppy went off the radar, and all was quiet for
many years.

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