CD released: Nov 14, 2014
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1. This Time
2. Duende
3. Two Swings In The Heart Shaped Garden
4. Longplay
5. Burning Point
6. Mosstrooper Peak
7. Nara Inlet
8. Tangalooma
9. Butterfly Bay
10. Smoky Cape
11. Sarabande
12. Incantation No.2
13. After Dark
14. Wave Radiance
Cat No: WWM022
Barcode: 0934334402981
Packaging: CD Regular

This Time is the new album by Australia's most respected guitar duo, the Grigoryan Brothers, This, their 6th duo release highlights the brothers' astounding skills which are at the core of the critical acclaim they have achieved in Australia and on the international stage.

This Time continues the journey the Grigoryan Brothers started with their 2009 release, Distance, in that the repertoire and playing cannot be pigeonholed - how else can it be explained that Distance was reviewed as a 'world-music' and 'classical' release while being named by UK magazine MOJO as no. 2 in the top 10 'jazz' cds of 2010?

This Time was recorded in the iconic Rainbow Studio by Jan Erik Kongshaug, who was responsible for many of the legendary recordings on the highly respected ECM label. The clarity and presence of the recording is simply astounding.

The music for this project was written by a number of Sava and Leonard's friends from around the world - Nigel Westlake, Ralph Towner, Luke Howard - as well as originals, While these composers have disparate styles, it is the execution of the works by the Grigoryan Brothers which creates a cohesive and unifying result, Instrumentally, This Time also features the musical talents of Luke Howard on piano/drones and percussionist, Olafur Bjorn Olafsson.

Expect broad coverage on ABC radio, broadsheets, classical/jazz media and more.