LP released: Oct 11, 2019

Side 1
1. Apache
2. Kon-tiki
3. FBI
4. Man Of Mystery
5. Stars Fell On Stockton
6. Quartermasters Stores
7. Perfidia
8. The Savage
9. All Day
Side 2
1. Wonderful Land
2. Dance On
3. The Frightened City
4. Gonzales
5. Peace Pipe
6. Guitar Tango
7. The Rumble
8. Shadoogie
9. Sleep Walk
Label: NOT NOW
Cat No: CATLP173
Barcode: 5060397601735
Packaging: LP

'Apache' was the first of a series of hits for the Shadows, whilst
'Man Of Mystery'/'The Stranger' reached Number 5 in the UK in
1960. The following year saw the release of four singles, all of
which were Top ten hits in the UK: 'FBI', 'The Frightened City',
'Kon-Tiki' and 'The Savage'. Although the Shadows had a brief
renaissance in the Seventies, largely fuelled by their Eurovision
hit 'Let Me Be The One', this compilation documents the golden
years of 1958 to 1961 - four brief years during which a unique
sound was created, often imitated but never equalled, and which
can instantly be recognised as 'The Sound of the Shads'.