LP released: Oct 06, 2017

1. Bandit Nrah Master Of Rajasthan (4:54)
2. Eros Never Stops Dreaming (5:17)
3. Baby Elephant Magic (4:43)
4. Queen Of Saba (3:30)
5. Never Tech No Foreign Answer (3:26)
6. 23/8 For Conlon Nancarrow (3:34)
7. Tamara Alexa - Interdimensional Travel Agent (3:27)
8. Elephant Dance (21:44)
Label: RVNG
Cat No: FTS004LP
Barcode: 0603786278788
Packaging: LP Regular

On Eros in Arabia, Richard Horowitz channels this vibration and bends bandit sounds by pairing the ancient ney cane flute with the Prophet-5 synthesizer. Interspersed with other instruments and ideas, like echo delayed Moroccan drumming and self-made magic, these elements deal in duality like the ever-shifting characteristics of the composer: the Hollywood Horowitz who scores films like The Sheltering Sky and Any Given Sunday, and the Morocco Horowitz who founded the Gnaoua Festival in Mogador, attended by 500,000 people every year.
Working in natural succession from end to beginning, "Elephant Dance" demonstrates the central synth and ney node to explore energetic sound patterns Horowitz imagined to be played in the 16th century on the island of Java, around the time Sufi's may have arrived in Indonesia. Delicately trampling the twenty minute mark, the piece offers an immersive climate of microtones that might, with the primordial matter of love, alter DNA. "Baby Elephant Magic" is "Elephant Dance" but sped up- producing digital baubles that sound less like an Indonesian forest, more like an urban hive of mechanical insect interaction.