2LP released: Jun 26, 2020

1. Check In
2. Squad Goals
3. Animal Patrol
4. Fire Lessons
5. Cousins (Feat. Cashinova)
6. Geronimo
7. Butterfly Knife
8. Numbers (Feat. Muja Messiah & Taylor J)
9. Dead Man Shuffle
10. Outside Baby
11. Perfume
12. Ain't We Rich
13. Flower Boy
14. The Ending
15. Spellbound (The Beginning)
16. Karma Legend
Cat No: RSE312LP-C1
Barcode: 826257031211
Packaging: 2LP

Since debuting on Rhymesayers Entertainment in 2015, Prof has worked tirelessly to build upon his already impressive foundation. His last two releases, Liability (2015) and Pookie Baby (2018) were well-received, debuting at #19 and #8 respectively on Billboard's Current Hip-Hop/R&B Albums charts. During this time, he was also headlining and selling out his annual 4,000-plus capacity Prof Outdoors concerts, releasing numerous music videos tallying views in the millions, and turning fresh eyes into fans with show-stopping live performances at festivals like Soundset. His wildly imaginative artistry seems limitless, and reveals him as a talented rapper, singer, performer, actor, visual artist and more. Prof is determined to grab the world's attention, but it's his artistic range that holds onto it. On Powderhorn Suites, Prof proves masterful at incorporating many different personas, styles, and deliveries into his music. With apparent ease, he vacillates between rapping and singing, between humor and drama, between joy and anger. Whether exuding boastful pride on "Squad Goals", tauntingly dismantling our preoccupation with aesthetics and vanity on "Perfume", defiantly championing self-preservation on "Butterfly Knife", or lamenting the psychological trauma of a dysfunctional upbringing on "Flower Boy", Prof brings every story to life with a vibrant energy and a sixth sense for engaging inflection. If Powderhorn Suites is the hotel that houses all of Prof's life experiences, then every song is a new room. Explore the suites with Prof as he walks in and out of every chamber, every story, every character.

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