LP released: May 10, 2019
(Item no longer available)

1. Daily Reminder
2. Tune Night
3. The Art Of Heart
4. Everlasting
5. Shadow Plai
6. Romantic Black Comedie
7. Give Thanks Intermission
8. Change 85
9. Easy Ridin
10. Overcast
11. Cruise Control Interlude
12. Jussa Freak
13. Tweeterz Feat. Fly Anakin & Henny L.O.
14. Kontrol Your Heart
Cat No: FB5192LP
Barcode: 659123519212
Packaging: LP Regular

Ohbliv has caught recent looks for his hugely prolific
output, a fiery catalogue of 50 Bandcamp releases,
celebrated collabs, and an entry on Fat Beats'
prestigious Baker's Dozen series. Not a bad
ascendant for someone who started in the late '90s
emulating past masters through making pause-tapes.
"I'm 36. I grew up on Large Pro, Pete Rock, Preemo,
Ced Gee, Paul C, Bomb Squad, especially the pause
tape aesthetic. In my developmental stages, those
are the main ones," he says, before adding: "My
parents are also a big inspiration. I feel like my dad
was a real digger before it was even a thing. I've
found records in his collection that I haven't even
found out in the field while I'm digging. I credit him
for that."
Richmond, Virginia isn't particularly known for its
booming music scene but Ohbliv (pronounced
"Obliv," short for Oblivion) has seen a steady rise in
awareness of his hometown's musical offerings. On
his local scene, he says: "Everybody has his or her
own style. There are pockets and different sounds.
There's the more street side of things, the more
traditional hip-hop, the more progressive guys.
There's no one solid style, everyone's doing their
own thing, but everyone works together too." 2018's
joint with another Richmond stalwart artist, Fly
Anakin, produced Backyard Boogie and cemented
this notion, showcasing a mature beatsmith who
could thoughtfully lace Anakin's colorful rhymes with
dynamic boom-bap

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