LP released: Apr 11, 2018

1. Earth Moon
2. Black Habit
3. (i'm Tired Of) Western Shouting
4. You Dreamt
5. Other
6. Hocus Pocus
7. Ropes
8. Echolalia
9. Odessey
10. Earth Moon (Reprise)
Barcode: 5055300394637
Packaging: LP Regular

Debut album by MIEN, the exciting new four piece band comprised of The Black Angels' Alex Maas,
The Horrors' Tom Furse, Elephant Stone's Rishi Dhir and The Earlies' John-Mark Lapham. The
seeds were sown for this collaboration as long ago as 2004, when Rishi Dhir (Elephant Stone) found
himself in a chance encounter with Black Angels frontman Alex Maas whilst performing sitar with The Brian Jonestown Massacre.

Then he would also stumble across electronics guru and producer John Mark Lapham from The Earlies. Some years later, anoth-
er piece of the puzzle came into place, when Dhir was now playing bass with The Black Angels in 2012, and found the band shar-
ing several bills with The Horrors. Thus he made the acquaintance of Tom Furse, and yet another pact was made to work togeth-
er. The result is an album that sees this quartet transcending their origins whilst maintaining a cohesive unity borne of a desire for

outward exploration. John Mark's vision, as he puts it, was "imagine the Black Angels as Nico in her 80's industrial phase mixed
with George Harrison and Conny Plank." - true to form, it's an album that finds equal room for radiant groove-based propulsion

and ambient dreamscapes alike - as comfortable with the murky hallucinogenic voyage of 'You Dreamt' as the powerful wide-
screen sweep of '(I'm Tired Of) Western Shouting', yet with songwriting acumen as potent as the production values are expansive

and exploratory. This may have been a record put together at a distance - yet the chemistry between these four figures is mani-
fest amidst a kaleidoscopic series of atmospheres and excursions whereby the fertile songwriting of the golden age of '60s psy-
chedelia is transmitted into a transcendental realm above and beyond the second decade of the 21st century.

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