LP released: May 16, 2019

1. Coping
2. Big House
3. The Back Of Her
4. Full Of Wine
5. You Will Know My Name
6. Purple Circle
7. I Told You I Would Leave
8. Girth & Plain
9. I Will Have To Keep An Eye On You And Win You Back When You Are Free
Cat No: SBRO14
Barcode: 0793591172897
Packaging: LP (0.3 g)

Pull the Right Rope is the debut album from Kerry artist Junior Brother.

Pull the Right Rope in measurement is 9 songs long and 48 minutes deep. The 9 songs range the varied emotions of an artist stretching himself to his limits to convey them.
Written between the ages of 20 and 25, recorded from Winter 2017 to Autumn 2018, the songs grew in Ailfionn Studios, Drumcondra under the hand of Chris Barry. They grew into green plants stretching up into sky but rooted in dirty muck.

The 9 emotions sprouted several other emotions and mindsets within them, conflicting and corresponding with one another, creating a river of reckless abandon. The artist on top of all this steers his small boat to the shore, but must choose the right rope for bow, stern and spring.

When the boat pulls each, each brings the boat in.

The artist is moored as the emotions flow on.
The listener must do this too - with the right rope pulled, the head is safe, to see joyful, sad, funny, or tormented thoughts, just before they leave and go down river to sea.