LP released: Mar 01, 2019

Cat No: KH043
Barcode: 934334407658
Packaging: LP

The Omni Recording Corporation and Karmic Hit Records are proud to present the superb new LP from storied indie-pop icon and cinema composer, John Kilbey.

Available on 180gm black LP September 2018.

Kilbey is a legend of Sydney independent music (The Bhagavad Guitars, Warp Factor 9, The Penny Drops) and award-winning film composer. Produced by Daniel Denholm (Midnight Oil, Silverchair, The Whitlams, The Cruel Sea) the LP has a maturity and breadth that recalls George Harrison's 'All Things Must Pass' and Talk Talk's 'Spirit Of Eden.'
"Rozam Kobar" is an exotic and expansive, psych-folk masterpiece from Australian songwriter and cinematic composer, John Kilbey. It blends Indian instruments with a folk aesthetic, producing a unique musical experience of substance and shimmering beauty. The songs, which are at times are ethereal and fragile, at others atmospheric, exhilarating, expansive, tense and dynamic - glide between long instrumental passages and densely layered vocals, harmonic sophistication and immediate melody. This new opus - from a key part of the creative force from the much loved Bhagavad Guitars, who released internationally and critically acclaimed records throughout the late 1980's to mid-1990's - sounds fresh and provides music to sit down, relax and immerse yourself in. Rozam Kobar bends genre and form, is instantly accessible yet demands repeated listens, unveiling more sonic intricacies and lyrical mysteries with each time, it redefines expectations of what Australian music sounds like.