CD released: Apr 26, 2019

1. Porquú Te Vas - Jeanette
2. Oye Mamß, Oye Papß - Jeanette
3. Cßllate Ni±a - Pic-nic
4. Escucha - Jeanette
5. Estoy Triste - Jeanette
6. Amanecer - Pic-nic
7. Los Tiempos De Mi Papa - Jeanette
8. Soy Rebelde - Jeanette
9. Toda La Noche Oliendo A Ti - Jeanette
10. Te Esperarú - Pic-nic
11. Negra Estrella - Pic-nic
12. C¾razon De Poeta - Jeanette
13. La Cancion Para Ana - Jeanette
14. Manchester Y Liverpool - Jeanette
15. +l Es Distinto A Ti - Pic-nic`
16. El Amor Toca El Violin - Jeanette
17. Debajo Del Platanero - Jeanette
18. Palabras, Promesas - Jeanette
19. No Digas Nada - Pic-nic
20. Sol De Verano - Jeanette
21. Un Dýa Es Un Dýa - Jeanette
22. Amanojaku - Jeanette
23. Seguirú Amando - Jeanette
Cat No: CDTOP1541
Barcode: 0029667093620
Packaging: CD Regular

Softness was not a common feature of mid-century Spanish pop. Even in their ballads, SpainÆs top singers such as Rocio Durcal, Massiel, Encarnita Polo, Marisol and Karina favoured a fiery vocal style that fluctuated between deep and shrill. Jeanette wasnÆt Spanish by birth; she was born in London in 1951 and spent her early years in Chicago and Los Angeles. But it was only a few years after moving to Barcelona that she scored a #1 record with her band Pic-Nic, establishing a firm footing in the Spanish music world that would span three decades.JeanetteÆs hushed, languid voice seemed almost revolutionary in 60s Spain. In the quiet of her voice was real strength and sincerity. It was free of affectation and completely at ease. In Japan, JeanetteÆs voice earned her the nickname ôwhispering Lolitaö and she shares a vocal style with French stars Jane Birkin and France Gall, who built careers around the delicacy of their voices. But unlike her French contemporaries, Jeanette eschewed the gender-conforming expectations placed upon female pop singers in the 1960s. She embraced a far more DIY ethos, teaching herself the guitar, writing songs and leading her band Pic-Nic to the top of the charts with her self-penned æCallate Ni±aÆ in 1967.Soon after the demise of Pic-Nic, Jeanette re-emerged as a solo artist, replacing her quiet folk-pop with grand, heart-melting ballads, exquisitely produced, arranged and written by some of the most skilled music-makers from Spain, Argentina and France, with the soft, cushiony melodies set to the dreamiest and most soothing of backdrops. Given the exceptionally high quality of her songs and productions, itÆs surprising that she continues to remain mostly under the radar outside of Spain.A quick internet search will result in plenty of Spanish compilations dedicated to JeanetteÆs most well-known material, but the packaging has always been lacking, with no accompanying biographical info or photos. To bring JeanetteÆs music to a wider audience via a proper compilation is an idea that has been 20 years in the making. To do so with the blessing and assistance of Jeanette herself, and with liner notes by writer, radio presenter and Jeanette expert Gaylord Fields, means that this remarkable artist is finally given the praise, respect and recognition she deserves.