LP released: Feb 14, 2020
(Item no longer available)

1. Flirting*
2. Napster
3. Ssick Girl Online
4. Blame By Me
5. 90's Green Screen
6. Zero%
7. Pity Party
8. Mala Mariposa
9. Bull Fighter
10. Antiwarp
Cat No: L-HWR011BSLP
Barcode: 653078763669
Packaging: LP Regular

Jean Dawson is a twenty-three year old singer-songwriter
based in Los Angeles, CA. Dawson began writing and
recording his earliest songs at the age of 14. Raised
between the borderlines of Southern California and Mexico,
Dawson's Black and Mexican upbringing found him tied
between two tongues and cultures that would provide fertile
ground for the young artist to grow and craft his distinctly
unique sound.
Inspired through the work of artists like Kanye West and
NERD, Dawson developed an early passion for hip-hop,
which found him quickly molding an aggressive rap style
that not only helped him master his developing lyricism and
songwriting, but provided a gateway to discovering and
experimenting with new sounds and genres of music. Soon,
Dawson began exploring outside of the world of hip-hop,
diving into classic indie rock artists such as The Smiths to
alternative rock acts such as Nirvana and legendary Chilean
super stars Los Prisioneros. Though it wasn't until Dawson
stumbled on the music of Bon Iver and Frank Ocean that he
became exposed to more experimental and melodic
textures, which would go on to provide a foundation for his
ever-evolving songwriting and delicate vocal style.
Working alongside producer/songwriter Lecx Stacy, Jean
Dawson began work on tracks for his debut album, Bad
Sports. Over the course of three years, Dawson and Stacy
meticulously crafted and honed a unique sound that upon
multiple listens, is difficult to describe and define. Pulling
from all corners of the musical spectrum from hip hop to
jazz and indie rock, the result is an astoundingly mature and
nuanced collection of tracks that will linger in your mind
long after the album comes to a close.