LP released: Mar 06, 2020

1. I Can Change Your Mind
2. Who's Fooling Who
3. Till I Hear It From You
4. Never
5. Missing In Action
6. Nick Of Time
7. Brother Or Other
8. Ain't Goin' Up In One Of
9. Those Things
10. Can't Help Myself
11. How 'bout Now
12. Paradise For One
13. He's Your Could've Been
Cat No: DAP061LP
Barcode: 823134006119
Packaging: LP

James Hunter and his six man wrecking crew are back with Nick of Time - 13 tracks of unadulterated, no-nonsense rhythm and blues
that exhibit Hunter's unmistakable ability to craft songs that are equal parts stupefying beauty and formidable grit. This being the
seventh album in the group's already impressive catalog, one may be emboldened to say that this is "lucky number seven". As well
wishing as that phrase may be it also implies that the greatness of this album may be defined by something as arbitrary as "luck". But Nick of Time is no stroke of luck, it is the product of a man at the peak of his
craft collaborating with some of the finest musicians around today. The opening track and
lead single, "I Can Change Your Mind", is a beautiful, mid-tempo rumba that tips the hat
to the sound of many early King/Federal releases, but executed with a vibrancy that
propels the tune into the 21st Century. The lush arrangements on "Who's Fooling Who"
and 'He's Your Could Have Been" sound like lost tracks from an early '60s Burt
Bacharach session. There's also Hunter's first recorded chromatic harmonica solo on 'Till
I Hear It From You' and the unique, hauntingly beautiful 'Paradise for One', recorded
on one microphone, with voice and songwriting inviting comparison to Nat Cole and
Hoagy Carmichael. To put it simply, this is real music for real people. Easily one of James
Hunter Six's finest offerings to date. No hyperbole here, folks...just the facts.