CD released: Feb 14, 2014

1. Nightingale
2. Going Out
3. I Miss Your Bones
4. Inauguration
5. Rockets
6. Sullivan
7. It's Not Serious
8. Last Words
9. Sun Ship
10. Call Me After
Label: MERGE
Cat No: MRG471CD
Barcode: 673855047126
Packaging: CD Regular

Hospitality, the trio of Amber Papini (guitar, vocals), Brian Betancourt (bass), and Nathan Michel (drums), approach their sophomore release, 'Trouble' with the force and unity of a well-rehearsed touring rock band, They supplement their performances with strategically placed strings, synthesizers, and drum machines, But silence is an inescapable force on 'Trouble', an invisible fourth player that draws you into the unexplored corners of familiar sounds: the full, ghostly decay of a reverb tail, the round pluck of a bass string, the exact syllables where a doubled vocal line diverges.

The album unfolds like a walk on the beach or a journey to a place you didn't know you were going, Perhaps a darker sound overall, but 'Trouble' still has hints of the trademark Hospitality pop.

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