LP released: Jan 25, 2019

Side A
1. C.O.N
2. Gina Cecello
3. My Favourite Robot - Pink Horror (Entschuldigung Remix)
Side B
1. Farenheit
2. Ting Ting
3. Lekeleu
Label: WORD UP
Cat No: WUR13
Barcode: 3770008926394
Packaging: LP (0.3 g)

The latest LP on the Word Up label is a lovably quirky fusion of electro, indus and new wave from Entschuldigung.
Featuring four cuts of fat grooves and fulsome synths, it is an all analogue affair inspired by the likes of Laid Back.

The sequencing android was charged up and ready for its first live audience. Its robotic intellect garnered from decades of programming of the original musical hardware, synced direct to the ageing motherboards of Roland's fine heritage. It had then monitored the synapses of thousands of electrodancers, acid chancers and neuromancers.
It had identified the optimum beats per minute, the click of the snares, the grain of the hats to scientifically develop a music machine that could mainline digitally direct to the cortex.

Entschuldigung is a fresh duo made up of Guillaume Atlan and Stephane Bejean-Lebenson: the former is a classic French touch pioneer, and the latter has a background in indie, having released on Mute as Christine, and together they cook up a rugged electro sound that is fresh and charismatic. Making use of vintage 808s and taking cues from old school pop as much as contemporary art, they are sure to become a much-loved act as soon as the world hears this great LP.