LP released: Jun 21, 2019
(Item no longer available)

1. Sunset
2. Current
3. Nia
4. Black Fudge
5. The Invite
6. Most High
7. Moog Lust
8. Stabby Thoughts
9. Solar Plexing
10. Da Beat Ya'll
11. Nerd Beats
12. Crystal Duds
13. 7 Extra Large
14. Elly Fix Intro
15. The Yoke
Cat No: RDF144
Barcode: 144201972152
Packaging: LP Regular

Brooklyn's DJ Spinna continues to show the world,
there's no shortage of beats from his arsenal. The
legendary DJ/Producer returns with another
installment of his beat tape series on Redefinition
Records. Following 2018's Unpicked Treats Volume 1
& 2 series, his latest tape entitled, "1997 Beat Tape"
ascends where 2017's "1996 Beat Tape" left off. This
collection boasts production all composed and
recorded during the year 1997. Spinna was able to
locate the original DAT (digital audio tapes) from over
2 decades ago and provide an authentic look into his
production from that era.
Known for being one the greatest producers of
sample based music, like his other works to date, the
"1997 Beat Tape" only solidifies his legacy as being
so advanced without the aid of current software and
technology. To many hip hop fans, there's something
special about production from the 90's. Some of the
characteristics from then still remain a mystery to
artists of today, but continue to inspire in 2019.
Terms like "boom bap", "raw" "real" and "gritty" get
thrown around when describing production trends of
that time, but we prefer just call it art or simply music.
True artisanship and musicianship is on full display
throughout this record. 15 well constructed beats are
the perfect vehicle to transport vibes from jazzy to
synthy to melodic and funky. When asked about the
beat tape, Spinna was quoted saying, "I'm letting go
of some more classic boom bap instrumentals. This
time a batch of beats made in 1997, straight off the
original DAT tape. A few of these are first drafts of
beats that were released later on for several artists."
There you have it. It doesn't get more genuine than
that and straight from the artist. So now go get it!