CD released: Oct 18, 2010

1. In The Wings
2. Gold
3. Deadness
4. Aidy's Girl Is A Computer
5. Under One Roof
6. Two Chords
7. North
8. Ostkreuz
9. Dear Heartbeat
10. When It's Gone
Cat No: HDBCD006
Barcode: 5055300319715
Packaging: CD Regular

Darkstar in 2010 are an upgraded model from the duo which released the much loved single 'Aidy's Girl Is A Computer' at the end of 2009, That song, and previous singles hinted at a nascent song writing talent that has burst into life on their debut album, North, The band have adjusted their focus, adding lead singer James Buttery, The result is a brave, low-key pop masterpiece, which discards the cheap thrills and treadmill ideas that many deploy to access success, Instead, North will creep up on you with each listen, seducing with its achingly gorgeous, synthesized songwriting, From the intro track right through to the closing song, the album blends their citric synths, baroque strings, piano and tender guitar with vocal harmonies, gently laced with glitches and noise, Here, Darkstar have subtly found the beauty in distortion, The first single from the album, the catchy 'Gold', is a cover of a little known Human League song 'You Remind Me Of Gold', Insectoid drum machine rhythms carry the song along accompanied by a chilly piano, Some tracks, like 'Ostkreuz' and aspects of 'Under One Roof' conjure up a soundtrack to Twin Peaks if it was set in the North of England, The mini-anthem of 2009, 'Aidy's Girl Is A Computer' also earns a slot among the new material.

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