CD released: Apr 24, 2020

1. Me Gritaron Negra! (Daniel Haaksman Edit) - Victoria Santa Cruz
2. Sunny Crypt (Daniel Haaksman Edit) - Francis Bebey
3. Cazukuta (Daniel Haaksman Edit) - Dj Havaiana
4. Black September (Daniel Haaksman Edit) - Master Chivero
5. Dissan Na M'bera (Suur Di No Pubis) (Daniel Haaksman Edit) - Super Mama Djombo
6. Asafo Beesuon (Daniel Haaksman Edit) - Ck Mann + Carousel 7
7. Akabongi (Daniel Haaksman Edit) - Soul Brothers
8. Vamos Farrear (Daniel Haaksman Edit) - Pinduca
9. Dan A Molengo (Daniel Haaksman Edit) - Bonde Do Rol
10. Moribiyassa (Daniel Haaksman Edit) - Kaba Blon
Cat No: BBE615CCD
Barcode: 194491770129
Packaging: CD Regular

BBE Music is proud to present the first official compilation of edits by Berlin DJ producer and
label owner Daniel Haaksman, titled "Black Atlantica Edits".
In 2004, Haaksman put Brazilian baile funk on the map with his seminal "Rio Baile Funk
Favela Booty Beats" compilation. Today he runs Man Recordings, Europe's leading tropical
bass label, which has put out more than one hundred releases cultivating trans-continental
music and sound dialogues between Europe, South America and Africa. For "Black Atlantica
Edits", Daniel presents ten dancefloor-friendly reworks, made both from vintage and current
tracks, from all across the Americas and Africa. Featuring a diverse cast of international
artists including Francis Bebey, CK Mann, Soul Brothers, Bonde Do R l and Kaba Blon, this
album explores the Afro-Latin diaspora, with edits that consistently grace the record crates
of Gilles Peterson and Mr Scruff among others.
The album's title refers to the Paul Gilroy's 1993 book "The Black Atlantic : Modernity and
Double Consciousness". In it Gilroy examines how the Black diasporic history of the Atlantic
challenges art and knowledge to find new forms - with music being particularly important.
Daniel Haaksman picked up on Gilroy's idea of the Black Atlantic as a transnational cultural
realm when putting together his musical deconstructions and reworks for his "Black
Atlantica Edits". Daniel intentionally added an "a" to the "Atlantic" to point out to the non-
English, Portuguese, Spanish or French speaking cultures that are part of the wider Black
Atlantic space, e.g. Brazil and Angola, and to a further extent also countries like Peru,
Cameroon or Mali, which all have been touched by the trans-continental dialogues and its
hybrid culture.