CD released: Jun 21, 2019

1. Time Shapes
2. Mean Mouth Lives
3. So Glad You're Mine
4. Working Man's Boogie
5. Johnny B' Goode
6. Love Me Girl Because
7. Mama Loves To
8. Liberate Rock Part Two Revisited
9. God (Live At Festival Hall - Previously Unreleased)
10. Johnny B' Goode (Live At Festival Hall - Previously Unreleased)
11. Liberate Rock (Live At Festival Hall - Previously Unreleased)
Cat No: AVSCD087
Barcode: 0934334408266
Packaging: CD Regular

Of course, the album has been available on CD before. This is the first time, however, that the
complete audio as heard on the original vinyl pressing has been reproduced. Remastering
expert Gil Matthews discovered that several segments had been lopped off when the first
digital transfer was undertaken for the 1997 CD.
He has now restored the full audio, with one minute of bird and animal sound effects returned
to the end of 'So Glad You're Mine', the studio chatter returned to the start of 'Liberate Rock
Part Two Revisited' and the correct ending of the same song now back in place.
For authentic Australian rock action, Colored Balls were the real deal. The band's album The
First Supper Last almost didn't see the light of day. Recorded at Armstrong Studios, South
Melbourne in October 1972, passed over in the rush when the Balls signed to EMI in June
1973, it was finally released on vinyl briefly in May 1976.
It's a splendid album, and here's your chance to hear why. The tracks are ragged to say the
least, but they capture the band's early promise. They range from first-rate, dirty rock 'n'
boogie, to high speed 12-bar rockers, to chiming guitar pop.
Aztec have added as bonus material a previously unreleased Balls concert recording
(November 1972, Festival Hall 3XY concert). Unheard for over 45 years, the three tracks
represent a significant historical statement and document a band at the peak of its live
You get two sides of the Balls: their progressive tendencies mixed with their incendiary rock
'n' roll roots, the crushing guitar riffs coming at you like a relentless wrecking ball, the rhythm
section like a runaway locomotive, the whole thing a potent mass of energy. Included is a
savage version of the spiralling, heavy cosmic epic 'God' - with rare Lobby vocal! It's raw, it's
primal, it's unhinged (like all good rock 'n' roll should be).