LP released: Jan 19, 2016

1. In And Out
2. Hear What I Say
3. Rum Drunk
4. And I Cried
5. If Heaven Is Your Home
6. Destination Lonely
7. Murder
8. You Got Me Cryin'
9. Can't Explain
10. Look Out World
11. This Life Of Mine
12. Time And Again
Barcode: 934334401854
Packaging: LP

The Desperate Records label - home to such raw rock & roll as Bored!, Powder Monkeys and
The Kremlings - is pleased to announce a new addition to its roster: the reissue of legendary Columbus-via-
Boston low-rent scuzz-rockers the Cheater Slicks' 1991 album, Destination Lonely.
Formed in 1987 (and originally featuring GG Allin's brother, Merle, in the group!), the band has over a dozen
LPs to their name, some on highly reputable imprints such as In The Red and Crypt, and have toured with
(and been toted by) the likes of Jon Spencer and Mudhoney, They remain one of the USA's finest purveyors
of unhinged, raw rock & roll, equal parts Stooges, Cramps and a litany of obscure influences gleamed from
a lifetime of collecting dusty 45s.
And all that brings us to Destination Lonely, Originally released on the famed Melbourne Dog Meat label in
1991, and featuring amazing cover art from Daniel Clowes (Ghost World, anyone?), it's a beautiful collection
of obscure '60s garage covers (Lost Souls, Huns, Levis, even a Love tune in there) and life-affirming 'Slicks
originals, For an album dealing with loneliness and despair, it sure is a lot of fun.
Destination Lonely has been out of print since the late '90s, and we figure it's time to get it back in
circulation again, After all, you can't get a copy on Discogs these days for under $80, It's been fully
remastered by Australian wunderkind Mikey Young, giving it a touch of needed low-end oomph to its
sound, and it comes on a heavy-duty slab of 180-gm wax with a download card.