2LP released: Jun 14, 2019
(Item no longer available)

Disc 1
1. Blen, Blen, Blen
2. Ari A Ara
3. Paran Pan Pin
4. Guag Ina Yerabo
5. Anana Boroco Tinde
6. Muna Sanganfimba
7. Conga De Los Dandys
1. Nag E
2. Zarabanda
3. Amp Rame
4. El Vendedor De Aves
5. B. Tumbando Ca A
6. Tu Gallo Maria
7. Seven Seven
1. El Pin Pin
2. No S Que Tienes
3. Llora (No Puedo M S)
4. Porqu Tu Sufres
5. C Metelo To'
6. Pas En Tampa (Wha' You Say)
7. Ya No Se Puede Rumbear
1. Rumba En Swing
2. Cubana-be
3. Cubana-bop
4. Manteca
5. Tin Tin Deo
6. Guarachi G Aro
7. Boco Boco
Cat No: GR035LP
Barcode: 8435008887988
Packaging: 2LP

'Chano was a showman. He was a creator. You could never predict what the guy was going to do next. He’s one of those kinds of people with a million ideas. Same thing applies with his playing, he never played congas like these guys… he always find something to fit in different, this is why his value is so big. Sometimes you gotta die and rest in peace for

20 years before the people start evaluating what you’re doing. Now they want to know because so much has happened with the conga, that they want to know where that comes from, and they got to go to the roots.'

"'It was similar to a nuclear weapon when it burst on the scene. They'd never seen a marriage of Cuban music and American music like that before.' - Dizzy Gillespie"