LP released: Aug 30, 2019
(Item no longer available)

1. 360
2. Something Fresh (Feat. Dj Sps)
3. Slide By
4. Turninitup
5. Omnipotent
6. Mother Cuffing Chains (Dirty Version)
7. Matter
8. Yesh
9. Couldabin (Feat. Ray Colom)
10. Jamite
11. Wait A Minute
12. The Cure
13. Grind
14. Happy Daze
15. Golden (Feat. F.A.C.T.S.)
16. Let´S Go
17. Machine Gums
18. Flying Mortalmovas
19. Gimme A Sign
20. Wid Lub
Cat No: RAD467LP
Barcode: 824833026484
Packaging: LP Regular

True to both artists' extensive experience and
discography, 'Sense' showcases the depth of talent
unique to each. The album is replete with expert
sample-stitching, like the vintage video game sounds
on Omnipotent or the whistling banjo duet on Happy
Daze. From the chunky 70s bass lines of Gimme a
Sign, to the rapid-fire scratches and litanies of
Something Fresh (ft. DJ SPS), to the lazy quirk of
Turninitup, BluRum and Vibert trap and entrance our
senses, raising and respecting our consciousness
along the way.
Tempos rise and fall with precision, Blu flexes hard
on shiners like Grind, with Vibert's expert production
laying a soaring foundation for Blu's
lightning-yet-laidback rhymes that you have to listen
to again and again to fully extract their multilayered
meaning. Most wonderfully, Vibert sets his whimsical
side free again for 'Sense', giving BluRum the room
to write Couldabin, a love song for lovers of artists,
and even leave us with the sweet summer banger
Slide By. As per the imperative of Machine Gums,
with 'Sense the Urgency' BLUKE leaves a legacy
unmatched in hip hop to-date. So open your third
eye, and raise your spirit in celebration of the 360
resurrection of real beats and rhymes.