LP released: Jan 18, 2019
(Item no longer available)

1. Aye Donke
2. Farafina
3. Fasiya
4. Sidjanko
5. Samory
6. Lenghe
7. Mande Masadjo
8. Sini Siki
9. Sadjan
10. Bognie Bognie
Cat No: BF105LP
Barcode: 0645760089331
Packaging: LP Regular

If ever a record delivered the promise of new excitement this one is
exactly that kind. Baba constantly explores new sounds, and as a result,
has electronically transformed his traditional ngoni into one of the wildest
fresh sounding lead instruments to hit the music world in years. With his
arsenal of handmade instruments, he provided a mystic way followed
like a comet tail by his daughter Djana's sparkly soulful vocals where
Bambara blends naturally with English and Fran ais. For the occasion
Max Weissefeldt (Poets Of Rhythm, Dr. John, Guy One) sat at the drums
and lighted up some fiery high-life beats, solid ground for tentacular horns
that skyrocketed the whole record into the sky. All recorded in Luca Sapio'
s analog studio, the result is a organic music cornerstone that fueled
by new and vintage obscure gear panoramize a new sound directed at
anyone who wants to lost himself in a vibey sonic garden, but most of all
at anyone who can feel the beat, that basically means everybody