CD released: Jun 22, 2018

1. Halflight Visions
2. Nzuku
3. Fluorescences
4. Folding Water
5. Foam
6. Parallelism
7. Moving Target
8. A Clearing
9. Ozu
10. Reading A Wave
11. Fiji
Label: MEXSU
Cat No: MEX2542
Barcode: 0184923125429
Packaging: CD Regular

With ZEBRA, the fourth Arp longplayer, NY-based artist / producer / DJ, Alexis
Georgopoulos, has boldly stepped into vastly new musical territory - blurring the lines
between electronic and acoustic, between the experimental impulse and the addictive pop
sensibility. Reaching across genres - colliding modern composition with post-pop
structures, dub techniques and three-dimensional geometries - Georgopoulos creates a
delirious m lange of sound, spellbinding in its range.
Using forward-looking production techniques and an idiosyncratic instrumental palette -
analog synthesizers, double bass, Fender Rhodes, electronic and acoustic drums, flute,
harmonizers and tape delay - Georgopoulos paints a topography of sound, hinting at an
astonishing range of styles - 4th world tremors, vibey cosmic jazz, forward-looking 80s
Japanese production, floating kosmische drum atmospherics. Like transmissions through a
medium wave receiver, it moves, liquid like, in flow motion. A mutant offspring of diverse
stylings, unlikely convergences, unfixed constellations, stretching ... into new mutations. All
that's solid melts to air, all that's air crystallises into rhythm, shifting through multiple
atmospheres, telling a complicated story that compels repeat listens.
ZEBRA emphasises 'points of connectivity' in a time when reactive and fractious isolationism
threaten to emphasise division.
Previous releases on RVNG, Beats In Space, Mexican Summer, Smalltown Supersound, Type
and Emotional Rescue.
For fans of Floating Points, Pharoah Sanders, Jefre Cantu-Ledesma, Laraaji

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