LP released: Jun 19, 2020

Side 1
1. From Within (07:25)
2. Kiss Of Life (04:40)
3. Groundbound (05:25)
4. Slow Fire (07:26)
Side 2
1. Hole (11:09)
2. Firefly (04:50)
3. The Sun Absolute (06:39)
4. For Someone (03:31)
Cat No: KSCOPE1060
Barcode: 802644806013
Packaging: LP

The third album from the Swedish progressive rock band Anekdoten, recorded and mixed on analogue tape at the famous Atlantis Grammofon (formerly Metronome Studio) in Stockholm, home to many classic Abba albums. Predecessor 'Nucleus' was a heavy album, with only a little relief from its stridency. In comparison, 'From Within' is an album of light and shade.

"We were exhausted after touring 'Nucleus' and after a month at home we entered the famous Atlantis Grammofon. We had few finished ideas for songs and no demos were recorded. Loose ideas and jams were transformed into songs in the studio and recorded on analogue tape by Grammy awarded producer Simon Nordberg." Nicklas Barker

'From Within' is Michael kerfeldt of Opeth's favourite Anekdoten record. Also, Steven Wilson introduced Theo Travis to it, leading to Theo and Anekdoten collaborating on both recordings and live shows. The 11-minute piece 'Hole', being quintessential Anekdoten, is recommended as a prime example of their musical style.

"Besides some tracks that sound typical ANEKDOTEN, there are also some tracks that show a small change of direction in their music. The change is towards a softer, more unique and own sound. Their music has a big contrast between melancholic, slow and quiet to bombastic and chaotic but complex." Greger R nnqvist, Prog Archives

"Anekdoten know how the Mellotron can be used to provoke emotions - as Crimson did on their classic "Epitaph" turned into a prog-rock band with an own identity: very dynamic and compelling compositions featuring two different singers, a powerful bass, splendid, very creative and propulsive drums and many waves of the unsurpassed Mellotron." Dick Heath, Jazz Specialist

"From Within, the third album from Swedish band Anekdoten saw them moving away from the King Crimson influences that had been highly characteristic of their early work. The same instrumentation is present including Anna Sofi Dahlberg's ever present and wonderful mellotron playing but the music despite having some powerful moments takes a somewhat mellower turn." Paul Fowler, Prog Archives

'From Within' will be released on 180g heavyweight vinyl and was remastered for LP in 2020 by Hans Fredriksson.

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